Vacation in Haiti: An Experience You Shouldn’t Miss

Haiti might not be considered a paradise on Earth but it is the closest that you can get and you should not miss it for the world especially if you are planning to have an escapade – why don’t you go on a vacation in Haiti and you will surely find the whole experience worth a lifetime. It offers everything that you have never savored before and a whole lot more. Be enthralled with its rich history and culture, its panoramic sceneries, and the warm smiles that will simply melt your heart away. Try it and cherish the memories for as long as you live.

Experience Haiti

Haiti Beach

Enjoy the Caribbean beauty of Haiti’s Beaches.

The breath taking views of the Labadee, Haiti beaches are enough to calm the restless soul and doubtful heart and make your vacation in Haiti truly worth it. One look at the serene blue sea and you can immediately feel relaxed and the soothing sensation will soon embrace you and seem to lull you into a stress free world. It provides a perfect escape from the hustles and bustles of everyday life at the office and house works.

You will find the rich history of Haiti worth exploring as evidences still stand like the Citadelle to remind the people about the courage and bravery of their ancestors and be amazed at the triumphant spirits of the Haitians that fought to gain their freedom. The Haitian Revolution that happened in 1791 was the only victorious revolt by mere slaves in the entire course of history and marked the momentous end of slavery. When 1804 came, Haiti became a free and independent nation and gave birth to the first black republic.

If you are looking for a different kind of food adventure then you will surely find pleasure indulging in the delectable Haitian cuisine. You will never be able to sample the real deal unless you try it in Haiti. You can only get a delightful Haiti food experience if you will taste it in the place of origin as many food establishments in Haiti offer them without reservations.

Contrary to what most people believe, Voodoo is not something frightening and dreadful – it is a religion and the dolls are merely used to fend off undesirable spirits that lurk around. You might find the whole experience a life turning event or just a mere escape from the monotonous way of living, whatever which way, you will only gain positive things from the whole encounter.

Haiti after the Earthquake

It is true that Haiti is still recovering but it does not mean that the entire nation will soon be dead. You will be moved by the strength and courage of most Haitians to rebuild their nation as they greet you with a smile and make everything looks like “business as usual”. Together with the ways to apply quick recovery to the devastated locations, they make certain that such thing will never happen again. They might not be able to prevent another earthquake but they are trying their best to suppress the unfavorable effects with their countermeasures.

Your visit in Haiti will not only console the people in the area but literally help them with their endeavor through the additional funding that you will be able to provide. You can say that your vacation in Haiti is not only good for your well being but it is also good for your soul – truly an experience that you will never want to mis

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