Superb Weather of Jamaica

The superb weather and the beautiful beaches of Jamaica attract more than 1.2 million tourists every year. The mountainous tropical island is known for its wide range of vacation themes. If you are planning a trip to Jamaica then you are probably thinking – when is the cheapest time to travel to Jamaica? Let us analyze the expected on a per quarter basis.

January – March

Jamaican Waterfalls

Experience the cool water of the rushing Jamaican waterfalls.

A majority of the tourists travel to Jamaica at this time of the year. The heaviest crowd is during the Spring Break in March. The hurricane season is over during this period and there is always a strong breeze blowing all around during this time of the year. If you are hoping to avoid the big crowds and save money on your travel then this is not the best time to come to Jamaica.

April – June

The average temperature during this time is a bit on the higher side but you can expect a little bit of rain. This is an ideal time to visit Jamaica as the golf courses and the beaches are quiet with very few people around. The hotels offer huge discounts and incentives to visit the island as this time of the year.

July – September

The flights and the room rates are at the lowest point during these 3 months but the sore point is that many hotels close down during this period for renovations. So you may not get the best service or worse, you may not get the hotel of your choice. There is an increase in rain showers during this period; so although the flight and room rates are low, many people are apprehensive about traveling to Jamaica during this period.

October – December

This is regarded as the best time but not necessarily the cheapest time to travel to Jamaica. The December holidays start during this time and hence you may not get the cheapest hotel rates. So if you are planning to travel to Jamaica on a budget then avoid these months for travel. However, December is not particularly a bad time because by then the hurricane season is over and the peak season has not started yet.

The cheapest time to travel to Jamaica would be when the school is open and just before the Christmas holidays. A number of fare sales are announced in airline websites and you need to keep an eye for them. Make you travel dates flexible so that you can search on a range of dates. Booking too far in advance is not generally recommended as an advance booking of 2 weeks is enough. Try to opt for the all-inclusive packages if you eat and drink a lot and use a lot of amenities and features.

However, if you are looking for cheap flights then the best time to travel would be between August and November but still it should not be less than $350 from places like Dallas. If you have a friend in Jamaica then you can stay with him/her to save on hotel and resort costs. Again purchase the air ticket by yourself to save on agent fees.

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