Tingo will help you Save on your Caribbean Hotel Rate

The hospitality industry is notorious for dropping rates from when people first book their hotel rooms, but most people may not benefit from these drops.  Now with Tingo, a cross between Travel and Bingo, Travelers can book on one site and then benefit if the hotel they book with has a price drop.

Tingo is the only hotel booking site that refunds your credit card automatically if the total price of your reservation drops by at least $1 and, even better, you don’t have to wait for another traveler to book the same itinerary at a lower price. Tingo does all the work! And as part of Smarter Travel Media—a TripAdvisor, Inc. company—Tingo is backed by a dynamo team of travel specialists (not to mention, travel lovers).

Tingo works for all your hotel booking needs and when you search your destination, you can find what amount on averages have hotels dropped their prices in the last 30 days.

It’s simple: Look for the Money Back symbol whenever you book for your chance to save!

Tingo Hotel Travel site

Each time the total price of your Money Back reservation drops, Tingo automatically rebooks your stay at the new, lower price—for free. No hassles, no legwork—just an awesomely low price on your hotel room. We even notify you each time we rebook your room so you can keep track of (and brag about) all your savings.

And you can rest easy knowing we’re constantly on the lookout to see if your price drops. If it doesn’t, you’re still a winner—you’ve already locked in the lowest rate!

To book your next Caribbean vacation with comfort of knowing you got the best hotel rate visit Tingo.

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